...the future* benchmark of a modern, outstanding, reliable and safe 2-seat Ultralight helicopter, inspired and realized by experienced professional helicopter pilots and flight instructors.

World premiere!

First flights of our Evocopter ClassiX, D-MXXH on June 13th, 2024 at an offical German UL airfield.

Many thanks to the entire Evocopter team, which made this great experience happen.
Well done, guys!

Schongau, 13.06.2024

Paul F. Ressle
CEO & Testpilot Evocopter GmbH & Co.KG

Breaking News:

We are happy to announce, that our ClassiX prototype #2, serial number 1001, registration D-MXXH is flying and performing very well!

Currently the ClassiX is undergoing the usual helicopter track & balance procedures.
For these adjustment works mast fairing, doors, gear fairings and second tank are not installed yet, as you can see on the pics and in the video. Enjoy…

Schongau, 11.06.2024

Paul F. Ressle
CEO Evocopter GmbH & Co.KG


Prototype #2 is currently being wired

Schongau, 02.08.2023

Breaking news:

The team of Evocopter is happy and proud to announce, that our ClassiX UL-helicopter has fullfilled all the tough type certification tests recently!

The ClassiX stood all required LIMIT loads, ULTIMATE loads and EMERGENCY loads with ease.

The complete steel-carbon fiber structure withstood the tortures without the slightest problems, damage, breaks or cracks.
The carbon fiber cabin demonstrated its bulletproof crash resistance with ultimate protection for the crew.

The German UL type certification regulations are considered as one of the most complicated and challenging ones. Therefore this now achieved next milestone is all the more significant for our helicopter project and for our small, but highly sophisticated and motivated Evocopter team and pushes the ClassiX to the next level!

ClassiX - a safe, reliable, well designed and well engineered UL helicopter is finally on its way to the German type certificate.

Schongau, 22.03.2023

Paul F. Ressle
CEO Evocopter GmbH & Co.KG

Breaking news:

We just received the Permit to Fly / VVZ (Vorläufige Verkehrszulassung) for our ClassiX helicopter, D-MXXE.
This is our "proof-of-concept-helicopter", which was mainly built, to test the mechanical helicopter technic thorougly.
Another milestone, realized in an incredibly short time.
Many thanks to the entire Evocopter team - you guys are fantastic!

So flying will start.…now!🚁 (15.08.22)


Key facts / features

  • proven technology - Made in Germany
  • full German certification (D-Mxxx)
  • designed by internationally renowned designer
  • MTOW – 600 KG
  • MTOW with floats – 650 KG
  • carbon fiber structure
  • main rotor blades – carbon fiber
  • tail rotor blades – carbon fiber
  • tailboom - most modern carbon fiber winding technology
  • fuel tanks – crash resistant bladder tanks
  • landing gear – highly shock absorbing
  • glass cockpit - fully remote controllable on stick
  • central stick/T-bar - comfortable cabin access, perfect ergonomics
  • cabin ventilation – outstanding, unique, most effective
  • LYCOMING engine – aviation safety standard
  • LYCOMING electronic ignition (EIS)
  • lots of useful options

and much more ... stay tuned!


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